There's a hidden skyscape  -  Cercis Astro will help you discover it . . . then help you capture it.
The DslrStar - DSLR camera astrophotography controller - is housed in a rugged metal case.  It includes basic camera cable, USB cable, AC adapter, and software CD.  Optional automotive jack, precision temperature sensor, camera bulb cables or international interchangeable transformers are available.  Details at: DslrStar, DslrStar Interface, DslrStar Screen Shots 1, DslrStar Screen Shots 2, and DslrStar Ordering Information  

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Cercis also supplies accessories for  its products  for use with the variety of camera or telescope options.  Pages:  Accessories

DSLR Photo Gallery
We welcome astrophotos taken with DSLR cameras.  Pages:  Photo Gallery 1, Photo Gallery 2

Other Products
If there are any applications for which the DslrStar or FocusStar might be modified to meet the application, please contact us.  For instance, DslrStar software could be used to characterized laser beam characteristics - replacing a frame grabber.
Cercis manufacturers hand held test instruments for fiber optics, including LASER, VCSEL, and LED light sources and fault finders, plus optical power meters.  See  Cercis
Discover It  . . .   With the FocusStar controller

A precistion stepper motor fits on your telescope's focus -
for onsite or remote telescope focusing. A second motor
can accommodate another telescope or autoguider focusing.  
For more information, see our  FocusStar page.
Capture It   . . .   
With the DslrStar astrophotography controller
Just connect your DSLR camera to your telescope, then program  long exposure sequences either by computer control or stand-alone. 

DslrStar stores exposure information (time, temperature and type) in its non-volatile memory.   An autoguider port supports webcams or Meade DSI using any ASCOM-ready autoguiding software  (GuideDog, GuideMaster, Maxim DL, MaxDSLR. . .) . See our DslrStar page.

. . . Or with DslrLite software
that interfaces between Canon or Nikon DSLR camera bulb and a computer.   DslrLite allows the user to easily focus and set an unlimited number of exposure sequences. Image FITS files may be stored to the camera memory card or to the computer hard disk.  See DslrLite
FocusStar Pro
FocusStar Pro is a digital telescope focuser - that supports two stepper motors - one for your telescope and one for your autoguider scope - and can be used standalone or computer controlled via USB.  FocusStar Pro controller is supplied with software CD,  AC power  transformer (US 120 VAC or Euro plug 230 VAC), USB cable, and one motor.  Mounting bracket sold separately.  Options are:  second motor (for additional telescope or autoguider), temperature sensor,  com link, or telescope brackets.  Details at: FocusStar, FocusStar Interface, FocusStar Screen Shots, and FocusStar Ordering

A low-cost computer-controlled software and hardware package for beginning or advanced DSLR camera astro-photographers.  DslrLite includes Windows software and RS232 serial cable that interfaces between Canon or Nikon DSLR camera bulb and the computer.  Details at: DslrLite and Dslr Interface  
New Features - Motorized Focuser Control, Image Reduction, Live View & Auto Updates +

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  DSLR DC:DC Adapter
MS Windows Vista

DslrStar & DslrLite can be used with Canon 350D XT 400D XTi in Administrator  and XP compatibility modes.
For DslrLite, a Vista alpha trial is available.

Canon supports Vista for cameras manufactured after 2004, including Rebels 350XT, 400XTi & 450XSi & the 5D, 20D/20Da ,30D & 40D.

Vista is not supported for Canon 10D or 300D - and a Windows XP version for these cameras will remain available.

Canon Battery Replacement

FocusStar Model 410
Vista & XP Compatible
FocusStar Pro
Model 420

A636 for Canon 5D Mark II Available

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NEAF 2010 - April 17 & 18, 2010
Rockland Astronomy Club, Suffern, NY

        DslrStar PLUS - Model 440
Finally!  Fully Automated DSLR
Focusing Without a Computer!

     Automatically Focus Using Camera
     Image Preview or Live View with
     Stepper Motor Focuser Control

Manual Mode Allows Easy Focusing

Cercis Astro NEAF'10 Prizes
      A63X - DC:DC Adapter for 2Ti,
                 XT/XTi, XS/XSi/T1i, or EOS